viernes, 12 de abril de 2013

Terje Dragseth answers to Bonifacio

 1.      Do you have something against the ocean?

The ocean is the mother of all beings on planet earth - Is it possible to be against life?

2.      What parts of the planet earth do you think poetry trees could be planted on?

Antartic is the right place for poetry trees.

3.      Is solitude the beginning or end of everything in existence?

Everything in the existence on planet earth is connected to each other and solitude is a word connected with thoughts to western thinkers and civilization.

4.      Which would you prefer: to be a good writer, but utterly miserable, or a happy, mediocre writer? 

Miserable and good.

5.      Is madness the basic ingredient of true genius?

If madness is clear thoughts - yes,
If madness is a sick mind - no.

6.      Sincerely, what do you think of the people around you who aren´t writers or involved in any artistic activities whatsoever?

May they be blessed. Art is to open.

7.      Were you telling the truth when you lied, or did you mean what you said when you lied?

All words are connected with a lie, more or less. It is impossible to tell the truth, but it is possible to lie.

8.      Who or what is it that you can´t stand?

Myself as drunk.

9.      What is your biggest phobia or fear; your biggest pleasure or passion?  

View from high buildings, mountains. (not view on stars). Passion and pleasure: music.

10.  If someone told you they didn´t really like your literary works, regardless of the genre they were referring to, even if lots of people say they love it; how would you feel and what would you say? 

 Read the fucking book!

11. Do you have any opinions regarding politicians or politics in your country?

Shame on them all.

12.  Why haven´t you read all the books sitting at your house? do you periodically prune your collection down?
books waiting to be read like children who wants to tell you a secret.

Books leave my house by themselves.

13.  Do you think you´ve written the book you wanted to write?


14.  Given the above, why continue writing if you already said what you had to say the way you wanted to say it? why keep using words?

Sometimes it is important to think twice.

15.  Nightstand books? coffee table? jitney van/bus reading? subway? books to read on the toilet?

Ok for me. Ok for you too, I think.

16.  What would happen if there was no such thing as oysters or malbec grapes? 

Nothing. there would be other things.

17.  If you were not a human being, what tangible or abstract thing/concept would you be? 

Marcel Duchamp's pissoir or Rene Magritte's pipe.

18.  Have you ever loved or hated more than you should have?

I don't understand the question.

19.  Do you think the world would be a different place if there was no such thing as poetry?

I don't understand the question. World is not possible without poetry. This could not be written.

20.  Which do you prefer: the poet, or his/her poetry?

Poetry. Then her.

21.  Do artists, as they are want to believe, suffer and enjoy more intensely than other mortals?

I realy don't think so. All living things experience pain and joy.

22.  Any issues with suicide?

Very bad and sad.

23.  How much of the image you think you project to others do you think is true about yourself?


24.  What has been your most persistent déjà vu experience?

All the time. Here and there, then and now.

25.  If you found out the world were to end at midnight tonight, what exactly would you do? 

This is the last day on planet earth all the time: have a cigar.

TERJE DRAGSETH, norwegian poet.


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